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The Big Idea

Taking your presentation to the moon


What We Offer

Presentation Building

Our team can help to build or re-work your pitch deck, sales presentation or any other presentation document. We optimise the impact of your presentation through structure, visual design and copy-writing.

The Big Idea Academy

We help professionals to improve their presentations and public speaking through workshops and one-on-one coaching. The focus of the training programs can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Our Big Idea

An Impactful Presentation is…

Relevant content

Having a compelling Big Idea, a well defined call to action and content adjusted to the audience you are communicating to is the essential foundation of every impactful presentation.

Visual design

In essence, a presentation is a valid tool to communicate ideas. No matter how compelling your big idea is, the key messages should be communicated in a simple and visually attractive way.

Powerful delivery

The delivery or ‘performance’ is the third building block of impactful presentations and is often the difference between a presentation and an experience. After all: the presenter IS the presentation.

Why Us?

External Opinion

A fresh pair of eyes. An external opinion on your presentation design and structure will proof extremely valuable.


We are passionate about presentations and therefore we know a lot about how to make one. Make use of our expertise.

Native English

We have an in-house native English copy-writer that can help you to make your story truly compelling.

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Who we are

Mathias Lasoen – Consultant

  • Mathias has 4+ years of experience as a corporate storyteller in the field of market research.
  • Did 250+ business presentations for a wide variety of audiences from corporate executives, to marketeers, & engineers.
  • Holds a master in marketing management & research and a certificate in public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Originally from Belgium, but moved to Ho Chi Minh City in April 2017.

Jonnie Paul – Copywriter

  • +3 years of experience in the field of education, teaching presentation skills to Vietnamese professionals.
  • Blogs / writes frequently about a wide variety of business-related topics.
  • Holds a masters degree from the Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto – Japan) and Wellington University (New-Zealand).
  • Originally for Wellington – New-Zealand but moved to Ho Chi Minh 2.5 years ago.

Calvin Dexter – Graphic Designer

  • The Master of icon design.
  • Has a lot of experience as an independent icon and emoticons designer, selling designs on Istock and Etsy. Works on an illustrative book for children in his spear time.
  • Studied film & audiovisual sciences at ESCAC.
  • Originally from Barcelona, but moved abroad about 6 months ago.

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