How to transform your presentation into a story

So, you’ve developed a great product or service.. Now you have to go and pitch it to investors in the hope you’ll get funded.. You start creating your pitch deck, but it just doesn’t feel right … what to do?



If you struggle with structuring your pitch deck, it’s often a sign that you do not yet have a razor-sharp vision of what your product / service is and does. So take a step back: close powerpoint,¬†go back to the drawing table and map out what you want to communicate.

A very straightforward framework to use is the following:

  1. What is the current situation (describe the current market of your product / service).
  2. What is the problem with that situation (what is the main issue the competitors are not able to solve).
  3. What is the ideal situation (apart from what your product does, how would an ideal solution look like).
  4. What is your solution (describe why your product / service comes close to that ideal solution, and why it solves problems your competitors can’t).



It can take some time to answer these questions, so be patient. Once you have a concise and persuasive answer on the above 4 questions, you’ll immediately feel you have a clearer vision on what slides you need to make and in what order you need to communicate them.